What to expect

  • We develop software, especially centered around — but not limited to — Web applications.
  • These are mostly made-to-order for our clients from a wide range of industries, because we enjoy getting immersed into complex domain models.
  • Companies that show unethical business practices will not be among those clients.
  • We're excited to use the most efficient, cutting edge technology as soon as it is known to be production ready, because we love to learn.
  • We're utilising FLOSS and in turn contribute to OpenSource projects as long as it doesn't conflict with our client's interests.
  • If you happen to be interested in STEM subjects, we're already excited about the tea/coffee breaks with you.
  • We embrace the fact that people are different and cultivate an open-minded and supportive team spirit.
  • Work is about what you create, not where you are, so it's fine to work from anywhere.
  • English is our common ground, German might be useful at times.

What to bring

  • sufficient knowledge about modern HTML and CSS and how the Web works
  • working with Git and shared repositories (e.g. GitHub)
  • experience in TypeScript or deep understanding of JavaScript/ECMAScript
  • knowledge of React or another modular Web UI framework
  • experience in at least one server programming engine (PHP, Node.js, Python, …)
  • experience in working with SQL and NoSQL data sources
  • open-mindedness and a willingness to learn

How to connect

Send us an email to jobs@… (this website's domain). Your contact will be Ms Anja Schaffhirt. Tell us about you, your previous work, your repos. How do you spend your leisure time and what was your greatest contribution to a better world so far? Of course, we're also keen to see the usual application documents, especially your CV. It's fine to use an alias name, if you don't like to share information discernible from your name just yet. We'll gladly respect your pronouns, if you let us know about them. You're still reading? That's great, but you really should be writing by now.

Published: 2021-11-25